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MK - Sustainable Solutions


MK-Sustainable Solutions (MKSS) promotes diversity, encourages leadership and supports young entrepreneurs. Your difference is your strength!

MKSS provides governments, NGOS, and businesses with creative and sustainable solutions dealing with strategic communications and youth resilience.


We believe that efficient strategic communications build social resilience and drive positive change in society.


MKSS works to help youth articulate and express themselves in constructive ways; realize productive paths to enterprise; and guide their communities toward meaningful, social and economic development. Ours is a vision where youth are presented with tangible alternatives to disengagement, discontentment and ultimately violence as a result of the perceived absence of voice, livelihood and purpose. In all of our activities we focus on supporting four pillars of youth action: diversity, self-expression, education, leadership, and entrepreneurship.


MK stands for MultiKulti which is a Swedish word that means multicultural. MK captures our core values based on diversity and respect for the other. We believe that societies become successful and resilient thanks to their diversity and not in spite of it. Societies that thrive are those whose constituent communities know how to harness multiculturalism and diversity in its various forms, particularly amongst youth of all genders, backgrounds and experiences.

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Paving the Way to a Brighter Future


MKSS helps governments, communities, businesses, and NGOs successfully achieve their goals.

We believe that good storytelling and contextual strategic communications online and offline can strengthen society and inspire positive social change.

Here you can see samples of some of the work that we've done for our clients.


It was great honor and a pleasure to have the opportunity to speak about our work and the ROLE OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN DEVELOPMENT at Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus as part of the Social Media and Brand Week.
Stay tuned for more videos about the topic and our documentary about their innovative work.


A story about a young Tunisian man, who finds his true passion after ending a long journey of crime, prison, and religious extremism.


It was a great pleasure and a lot of fun to impart, in partnership with Equitas, this workshop on online advocacy and content creation for social media to 25 young women and men from Tunisia and Morocco to advance human rights in their respective countries. Special thanks to the participants for their resilience and passion and to Canadian Equitas for being such a wonderful partner and for their efforts in supporting human rights around the globe.


Meet Aymen, a young Tunisian police officer whose passion is building bridges, social bridges. Watch the video to see how Aymen intends to restore trust between the police core and citizens in Tunisia.

TUNISIA meets the Netherlands

What happens when different people from different backgrounds come together for their love for a cause? Micro Flavor 2019 - The Documentary is an overview of the art and capacity building activities that took place and their impact on participating youth in Tunisia and the Netherlands using music to prevent violence and inform of viable alternatives in both countries. Special thanks to everyone who was involved in this project and to the government of the Netherlands for its generous support.



Moses Shawaly, founder of MK-Sustainable Solutions, speaks to BBC Arabic about the organization's initiatives to counter violence and extremism through empowering youth and enhancing their leadership and entrepreneurial skills.



MK-Sustainable Solutions harnesses a global network of proven talent with expertise in community and youth engagement, diplomacy, humanitarian affairs, post-conflict recovery & development, and new media. We work with national governments, international organizations and the private sector, as well as civil society and religious authorities to provide creative and sustainable solutions in cross-cutting areas including strategic comms, CVE & PVE, entrepreneurship, social integration, leadership, empowerment, media expression and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


Managing Director

Moses is an experienced communications and business development practitioner who prior to managing MK-Sustainable Solutions had worked on scores of projects addressing media development and youth empowerment for international organizations such as BBC Media Action and the United Nations.


His local and international work focus in the last ten years has been on digital media, entrepreneurship & business development, political participation, youth empowerment, and finding viable alternatives to violent extremism both in the Middle East and in the West.

Moses is Swedish with a multicultural background, and he is fluent in English, Swedish, Spanish, Arabic and French. He holds an advanced degree in International Business and another one in Public Policy.



Project & Change Management in Communication, Partnerships & Advocacy

Federica is a project and change management practitioner, specialized in communications, partnerships and advocacy.

Passionate for community media, Federica started her career as journalist and international liaison for several NGOs, studying and working with student and internet TVs. Subsequently, she served for diplomatic representations and UN organizations in Denmark, Switzerland and Myanmar, working on the implementation of developmental projects in a wide range of topics, such as environmental and biodiversity conservation, WASH, livelihood and food security, gender equality, and health.

Federica holds a Master of arts in Public, social and political communication, an Executive certificate in Advocacy in international affairs and a Prince 2 PM certification. Originally from Italy, she enjoys working in English, French, Italian and Spanish.


International Advisor

Golala is an experienced digital development and innovation specialist.

She has extensive experience of working for the private and the public sectors and for international organizations such as the United Nations and Swedish Sida on programs to enable technology to support entrepreneurship and economic growth in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Golala is Swedish with a multicultural background. She is fluent in English, Swedish, Farsi and Kurdish.



Gender Affairs Expert

Almudena is a strategic communications and advocacy expert expertise to private companies, public Administrations, Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations, and she is a frequent contributor to several media platforms on issues related to gender, youth and labor rights in Spain and around the world.  

Almudena is Spanish but having lived and worked in other countries in Europe, the Middle East and Central America, she is fluent in Spanish, English, Catalan and French.



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